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Flac to MP3 FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THE WORLD, Audio and Video Indexer has been developed for Flac to MP3 application .So you can add files or folders to converter list, just by entering name of file or folder ! *Flac to MP3 features: *Convert Flac Files: This is an Flac to MP3 which you can convert 29 formats ( wma mp3 ogg flac mp2 wmv mpc ... ) to 5 formats (wma mp3 ogg wv wav ) ! . Also you can use Batch converter *Extract Audio From Video with Flac to MP3 : Flac to MP3 can extract audio from video files, so if you have a video file and you want to extract audio from that, you can easily add file into list and extract to selected format such as wma *Audio and Video Indexer with Flac to MP3: For the first time in the world , Audio and Video Indexer has been developed for Flac to MP3 application. With this Flac to MP3 you will get a 'windows service' to index any audio and video files. When you need a file to convert, just enter name of the file and get all files with this name. When you copy or remove files or folders, this application automatically changes index whether application is running or not ! *Voice Recorder: Flac to MP3 have a voice recorder, so you can record from microphone or any input devices. After you recorded a voice, you can add recorded file to converter list. *CD Ripper For Flac to MP3: Rip Audio CD's. You can convert Audio CD tracks to wma , mp3 or any supported format . *Tag Editor (ID3): You can edit 'tags' when using CD Ripper or convert file using 'ID3' . You can edit tag of any file . *Other Features : Work with multiple devices Works more efficiently with dual core or quad core CPUs Works more efficiently with windows vista 'Search Box' for added files Context Menu Notify icon Events List Use two modes : Basic , Advanced Stay on top (TopMost) Download Flac to MP3 to enjoy !

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